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Instructions / Tips


  1. Some shoes come with removable insoles that easily come out of the shoe.  If you purchased our full length product, go ahead and remove this insole and replace it with your new orthotics from Arch Armor. It is recommended that you just place it on top of the insole that came with the shoe and try to keep it in posterior aspect of shoe as your foot slides over it, finding the right fit.
  2. Gradually getting used to your new orthotic arch supports is recommended.  Try them for an hour or two the first day and then increase wearing time by approximately one hour daily until you have reached about 6-7 hours of wear time.   At that point, one can usually extend use time to all day.
  3. Walk before you run! We believe it is best to get used to the Arch Armor by first walking and using them in your everyday life. Then, once comfortable with every day use use, it is time to try them for sports activities and longer hikes, etc.
  4. Be patient. The change in support is asking your muscles and structures in the foot and even in the entire body to change from what they have been used to.  Therefore, it might take some time before you learn to almost crave the support that is provided.  It seems, in our experience, that it can take up to a month for this feeling to become more natural.
  5. Set backs are rare but if you have significant pain in your body or feet that is seemingly worse than when you went without your new arch supports, it is recommended to stop wearing them and contact us.  We do offer a full refund if the products are returned within 7 days.  This can include increased back, knee, or hip pain and also includes foot problems such as blisters.  We want our product to help improve things and we think it will in most cases!
  6. Look forward to new foot and body comfort! Once your feet have adjusted to Arch Armor supports / orthotics, you'll most likely experience a noticeable increase in foot support and comfort!



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